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The core business of Closed Joint Stock Company EnergoProekt-Stalkonstrukciya (CJSC EPSK) is development of technical documentation on Electric Lighting/ Architectural Solutions/ Metalwork/ RC construction/ Detailed Design, for buildings and constructions of any complexity degree, development and construction of fire-fighting engineering system, fire signalling, manufacturing of metalwork, packaged delivery of materials to construction site, tongued-and-grooved works, erection of steel bearing and cladding structures.


Production sites consist of administrative and service building and processing department with a total area of 4500 sqm. It is geographically located near St. Petersburg, at the address: 1A, Pavilion Urickogo st., Pushkin.

Gallery of manufacturing area

Modern technical equipment allows to produce over 400 ton of ready-made metal products per month.

Processing line for assembly and flux welding of iron sheet I-beams with full penetration of girth seams is made in Italy. It has largely expanded the company's capabilities of manufacturing of wide range of hardware, commercially successful in the market of modern construction. Use of welded beams allowes to solve the problem of framings mass reduction, to diversify architecture constructions, to increase the width of the bays of a building, greatly enhance the projects profitability.

Beams 200 mm to 1000 mm height and flange 200 to 600 mm width are welded from certified iron steel 4 mm to 20 mm thick with equipment for beams autowelding up to 15 m length.

Use of shot blasting before dyeing of metals allows to extend significantly the life of corrosion coating.

All fabrication functions are tailor-made in strict accordance with the final shop drawings and current all-Union State Standard and Construction Norms and Rules.

Work on processing line

Erection metalworks of buildings and constructions, pile driving is carried out without subcontracting, using track and erection cranes.

MKG-40, lifting ability 40 ton/ 1 item

DEK-251, lifting ability 25 ton/ 2 items

Pile and plane driving is carried out with the use of Bodine resonant driver of normal speed. Currently we have at our disposal the following models:

  • ICE 32 NF (Netherlands) — 1 unit.
  • ICE 44 B (USA) — 1 unit.

On the modern competitive market we provide for clients and investors a quality service package on development of technical documentation, packaged delivery of materials to construction site, general and industrial construction work.



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n Happy builder's day!
Dear colleagues!
Congratulations on upcoming professional holiday — the Day of the Builder!
We wish you more rich colors of life, strong family foundation and new constructive heights!n
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n August, 10 corporate event was held on the occasion of the Day of the Builder in the resort "Igora"! Despite the poor weather conditions, colleagues actively participated in festive program and managed to keep spirits riding high.n